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-- If an appointment is cancelled or rescheduled the day before or day of we do require a $20 fee for the following appointment. Last minute cancellations effect us greatly as we then have a slot that could have been filled and is now empty. It is a way for us to ensure this second appointment will go through.  

-- If we do not receive a final confirmation 24 hours or the day before we may have to cancel your appointment. We often will do a courtesy message the morning of but we have the right to cancel any appointments after the 24 hours has passed. Final confirmations are very important in our company as we know life happens and plans can change. This helps us know you are ready for us just like we are ready for your appointment. We will try several times the day before to receive that final confirmation and if it is not received we will cancel the appointment and asses any last minute/rescheduling fee to the total of your quote. ($20)

-- If a customer has cancelled/rescheduled an appointment Fresh Start Detailers has the right to require payment in full upon scheduling.

-- Fresh Start Detailers sole purpose is to clean your vehicle or item you are getting serviced. We are not liable for any damages before or after the service is complete. We expect to know about any damage to sunroofs or seals before we start our work. That way we can assess it and move forward accordingly. 

-- While we are on site we always do a final walk through, and point out any imperfections we couldn’t remove. At the time of payment the customer is agreeing that everything is to their satisfaction


-- Customers are aware that although we do a deep cleaning some services may need another session and or the technician has informed them of any stains that can be permanent. 

-- Fresh Start Detailers gets the vehicle/furniture item looking the best we possibly can given the package/add ons that are purchased. With vehicles we reach the nooks and crannies to the BEST of our abilities.Our tools may not reach in certain areas as we do not remove the seats by default. This is something that can be added by request.

-- Upon arrival if we cannot get in contact with the customer we can wait for up to 15 minutes. Waiting beyond that can put us behind schedule for the jobs to follow. We expect to be able to get into contact with our customers once we arrive without a problem.

-- We allocate up to 2-2 and a half hours per vehicle, an additional hour may be purchased beyond that. This is something that may be brought up during our booking process. This extra hour would help us take even more time with your vehicle if it is viewed as necessary. This is something that would need to be approved my management

-- Fresh Start Detailers reserves the right to arrive an hour before or after the set appointment time. We do our best to arrive right on time however in this business things happen and we can either be delayed or ahead of schedule. If we are running ahead of schedule we may be able to wait for the set appointment time however this is a case by case basis.