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Buy Now, Pay Later is a great option for our higher end services such as our luxury packages. You would pay 1/4 of the total and have a payment due every 2 weeks. Check out some common questions and feel free to send us a message if you're interested!

Buy Now , Pay Later

now introducing buy now, pay later!

What is it? 

Buy now, pay later is a platform that lets you buy an item/service and pay 1/4 of the total upfront.

How does it work?

After receiving a quote by us we would send you a checkout link with the appropriate package. You would choose "PayPal buy now pay later" as your payment option. Pay pal will lead you through a process of approval and once you are approved you will be able to checkout.

What happens after that?

You will continue payment and pay 1/4th of the total. For example: if your total is $140, you would pay $35 and then 2 weeks later your second payment will be due. There are 4 total payments in 2 months. 

What's the benefit of using this?

You can still receive the service you want/need without breaking the bank. While our services are affordable for the top quality service we provide, we understand life happens and just want to give our customers plenty of options when it comes to payment.