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Fresh Start Detailers uses HWE (hot water extraction) as it’s primary method for upholstery cleaning.

Our state-of-the-art equipment is designed to provide extreme heat to remove soil, kill bacteria and allow for a quick drying process. Fresh Start Detailers operates with trustworthy and courteous professionally trained technicians.

Area Rug Cleaning

Your dirty rugs can be trusted in the hands of professionals at Fresh Start Detailers.


Unlike carpets, which are usually designed to hold up to years of foot traffic and repeated cleanings, area rugs can be delicate and sometimes need alternative cleaning methods to prevent them from being damaged. At Fresh Start Detailers  we’ve cleaned many area rugs and know which types respond well to normal hot water extraction steam cleaning and which need to be handled more gently to get the best results. 

Rug Cleaning Process

  • Inspection - We thoroughly examine your rugs, noting condition, rug type, and any pre-existing damage.  Don't forget: we come to you!

  • Vacuum - An vacuum with commercial grade vacuum  is used to extract as much dry soil from the rug as possible. This process is repeated several times until the all that can be removed is gone.

  • Pre-treat -  Next your rug will be treated with a fiber specific detergent designed to loosen the soils, paying special attention to trouble spots.

  • Agitation -  Agitator brush are then used to loosen the remaining soils.

  • Extract & Rinse:  The next step is to rinse your rug with our high powered extraction equipment, which removes the remaining detergents and soils.

  • Post Cleaning Inspection  Last step in the process, the rug is inspected by our staff to make sure it’s as clean as possible.

Please Note: Drying Time HIGHLY depends on the circulation in your home. It often takes 2-3 hours to dry completely with proper ventilation such as an overhead fan or box fan. If these are not possible the drying time will be extended beyond that.

After a professional steaming & extraction of your area rug we recommend a protective spray coating of Professional Scotch Guard which is only $20.

Scotch Guards product, when used regularly, will prolong the life of your vehicles upholstery and help it feel cleaner for longer.





Add Ons:

-Shag Rug - $20

-Excessive Stain Removal= Recommended for multiple stains including spills or pet stains - $40

-Harsh Odor Removal = Recommended for urine smells, smoke or any lingering smells-$20

-Specialized Stain Removal = Red stains, crayon wax, candy, gum, slime, paint or oil - $10/$20+ depending on the amount

Red Stain Removal Treatment - $20-$40

-Upholstery Brightener Treatment -$20

- Rust Removal Treatment - $20

- Scotch Guard Treatment - $20

We do not work on wool/canvas fabrics. If you are unsure the tag on the bottom should say!

There is a $40 minimum for this service